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Paranormal Intuitives is a small group of Reiki Masters and Reiki Practitioners who, among other things, specialize in house clearings and blessings. Negative energy can and will have a negative effect on our health and well being. The longer we are exposed to it, the more effect it has. Sometimes the negative energy  in our homes is nothing more than a build up of the day to day thoughts and emotions we all have. Some people may not realize it, but thoughts and words are energy- and as such, can have direct effect on us. This can build up over time, especially if someone is being very negative in their thoughts, words and actions and eventually create feelings of heaviness or of unease. Another issue can be unexplained activity in the house, such as unexplained footsteps or other noises, items that seem to move from one location to another, or simply disappear!  Apparitions, shadows seen moving from the corner of your eye or just a feeling of being watched.Paranormal Intuitives can help you with any of the issues described above and many more.  

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The initial assessments and space clearing/cleansing is done using the investigator's best abilities and tools. There are no guarantees, expressed or implied, that all energies will be recognized and dealt with.

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