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Residual Haunting Vs. Intelligent Haunting

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So, what is the difference between types of hauntings and how can you tell which one you are experiencing?

Basically, a residual haunting is made up of the energy that was left at a location by someone who had lived there before, or visited the location frequently. These are apt to be some type of memory, or they could be a some type of trauma that occurred.  A residual haunting will usually occur around the same time every day or night. And it consists of the same thing. An example would be if you saw a male, walking up a staircase every day at 5pm, or you hear footsteps going down the hallway at the same time every night. They cannot interact with you. They simply play themselves over and over- like a film caught in a loop. This kind of activity is fairly straightforward and easy to stop. Simply by cleansing the area and using some sage and/or Palo Santo. 

Paranormal Intuitives Blog

August 12, 2019

  I was thinking I would start this blog in order to be able to give information to those who are in need or just plain curious. I have learned much information over the years- I think it is fitting that I pass on that which I know to be true, as well as that which I suspect is true. The information I write here is either from personal experience,  or from having read and/or listened to others who have had similar experiences. 

I find that the strongest lessons seem to come from experience. One of the things I have learned is that all information is based on the frame of reference of the informer. This is why so often there seems to be differences in  the information about any one particular subject. The person who is passing on the information, is doing it from his frame of reference.  I think the subject of shadow people is a perfect example. I have heard/read that shadow people are very short and move very quickly, or are very tall and move very quickly. I have heard that they mostly ignore the people that come across them. I have also heard they drain the energy from the people that come across them, and even that they are malicious and malevolent towards people-can cause illness, get into people's heads and send fear-based thought forms to the people they encounter. Which one is true? Which is exageragted? At this point, I don't really know for sure, but I can say that all of these claims are based on the experiences the people who say/wrote them had.  

As to the experiences anyone has- those too will depend a lot on your frame of reference.  If you have heard nothing but negative information about something, from people who are fearful- the experience  you have will more than likely be negative as well, because you are approaching it from a fear-based position. 

How to tell if you have Paranormal Activity in your house. 

I simply can't say this often enough- don't jump to conclusions. If you are hearing an odd noise in the house, don't automatically decide the house is haunted. There are many rational explanations for different noises in the home. 

So, how can you tell if your house has actual paranormal activity? By ruling out the normal explanations for what you are experiencing. A good example would be flickering lights. Now, if you have spirits in your house, they can cause lights to flicker as they may be using the energy to try to manifest. However, before you decide that's what's happening, make sure the light bulb isn't loose,  and check to make sure there isn't any shorts in the switch or electrical cord, or even in the wall socket. Once you have done those things and they turn out to not be the cause, make sure the bulb isn't old and ready to go out. If that is not a cause either, you just may have paranormal activity going on in your house. 

Another sign could be pops or creaks. This can very well be wood settling, or sometimes with air conditioners, just as they are turning on, or just after they turn off, you can hear these "pop" like noises. Again, this has to do with the wood and the temperature. Wood expanding, etc. 

Scratching, thumping from the attic. Check to make sure you do not have squirrels or rats or any other kind of wildlife up there. Often times, animals tend toget in and make nests there. This can be squirrles or pigeons or mice, etc. 

Footsteps. Again, this just might be nothing more than an old creaky house. 

On the other hand, it could be footsteps. Try to discover where the footstep noises ae coming from, and see if there is anything out of place there. Notice if it happens often, or if it happens at a specific time. This, not only can help you figure out if it's paranormal, but may also help you know if it's  active,intellegent or residual. 

These are just a few ideas on how to determine if what you are experiencing is paranormal or not. d