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Initial Assessment

Once you have contacted us and made an appointment, two of the Paranormal Intuitives will visit your home for the initial assessment. During this time, we will be talking with you and possibly others living in the house in order to understand what you have been experiencing. We will then do a brief walk through the house to get a feel for whatever is present. 

Once that is done, we will sit with you and discuss what we believe needs to be done in order to clear the house. 


Simple House Cleansing

It is always a good idea, especially when you are first moving into a new space such as an office, or a new home to have your space/home cleansed. 

This is a simple process where we can come in, and go through the entire house or space using our tools, such as sage, Palo Santo ,  and Reiki energy to clear the house of any stagnant, heavy and/or possible negative energy.

 This will give your home or office a new, light feeling. 

New Home Purchase Clearings

When you move into a new home, you want your new home to be clean physically.  You might want to consider having it energetically cleansed  and cleared as well. 

 Property sales due to foreclosure, short sales, divorce or a death in the family can create stressful energy that can linger in your new home. An energy clearing will eliminate that energy and get you off to a fresh start. We recommend you have your possessions moved into the house before clearing that space. Everything can then be cleared at once and you will be able to settle into your new home comfortably. 

House Clearing (spirit energy removal)

If you are not buying or selling a home, but you know something is going in your house-strange noises at night, a sense that someone is in the room with you when no one else is there. Cats and dogs seem to stare for prolonged periods of time at nothing.

You deserve to live comfortably in your house without "unwanted guests". 

A House Clearing facilitates the removal of spirit energies., clears stuck residual energies, cleanses the structure of negativity and then blesses that space.  

Initial Meeting/Assessment


Simple House Blessing/Cleansing


House Clearing (Spirit Energy Removal)

$ $250.00 - $350.00

Depending on size of house


The initial assessment and clearing/cleansing is done using the investigator's best abilities and tools. There are no guarantees, expressed or implied, that all energies will be recognized and dealt with.

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